Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 50

Today there was a 2 min of silence to remember WW2. Growing up on a different continent in a different world makes it easy to forget the immense sacrifice of so many people and the senseless suffering of so many more. Thinking about it is not always an comfortable thought, but it gives perspective to the term freedom and hopefully it is a reminder to guard against repeating the mistakes of the past.

I have heard commentary that this pandemic is the world war of my generation. I wonder if it really is and if people will remember it in years to come as a turning point in history. I see on social media there are people who claim it is not really that dangerous after all, and I wonder if they really consider all the facts.

Hopefully in years to come we will remember the good things and learn from the rest. Hopefully we can also celebrate our freedom from a virus that made the world stand still, against all odds.

Be kind. Stay safe

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