Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 51

Today the Netherlands celebrated Liberation Day, 75 years of freedom after the war. That is a very long time, and hopefully it will continue to be a long time of peace. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a world completely devoid of war?

I celebrated by taking a long walk, listening to an audiobook and in the afternoon I took a long bike ride with some friends through some of the Amsterdam parks. I know that in this time of Corona I am missing out on many firsts: No First Kings day celebration, no first festival in Amsterdam, my first spring is completely different from all the others.

However, Amsterdam is such a beautiful city in Spring, and without the tourists, perhaps I get a rare opportunity to see a bit more of the beauty in a less crowded environment. The canals are rimmed with greenery, and everywhere there are flowers in gardens and parks. Amazing new birdlife is visible in all the parks, and today while cycling, I even saw a rabbit!

I get the feeling that people are rethinking what is really important to them. Perhaps more people are considering family values as priorities rather than climbing the corporate ladder.

Be kind. Stay safe

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