Mexcican adventure – Birthdays and other festivities

In the last few years I have inadvertently had a few very special birthday adventures in far flung and exotic places and this year was no different. To celebrate my special day, our guide treated me to a cake of my choosing (chocolate tres leches) and I enjoyed it with a cup of incredible OaxacaContinue reading “Mexcican adventure – Birthdays and other festivities”

Mexican adventure – Puebla

Puebla is known for its beautiful tile work, but in my mind it sticks out as the city with the colours. It is filled with beautiful crafts and I was struck by the detail that goes into everything, from the pretty doorways, the detailed embroidery, the painted tiles and even the dessert! Every building, rightContinue reading “Mexican adventure – Puebla”

Mexican adventure – Mexico City

No stay to Latinamerica would be complete without a bit of a visit to Mexico, so when I had a few free days thats exactly what I did. On arrival my lovely guide,┬áKarina took my straight to Teotihuacan. My flight was slightly delayed and getting out of the airport was a challenge so we hadContinue reading “Mexican adventure – Mexico City”