Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 49

7×7….that’s a lot of days.

I made good use of the beautiful Sunday to go for a long walk in the park, around and around. A friend met me there and we kept our social distance while talking and people watching and generally enjoying Spring in Amsterdam.

When you forget that you can’t go to any restaurants or theaters, there are moments when you nearly forget there is a global pandemic going on. I stopped watching the news about it, I just get snippets every now and then.

I feel incredibly lucky to be in a country where things seem to be OK and I can still buy a takeaway latte from a number of places. I know this is not the case everywhere and my heart goes out to the people who are not allowed where they are. I feel even more for those whose jobs are affected by this crisis, and I guess we will only see the real effect later on.

It’s a strange balancing act, trying to comprehend the impact of this thing, while still trying to be positive and hopeful for a future.

If you struggle to cope with it, please know you are not alone. Everyone is suffering, in one way or another. Reach out even if you just want to call.

Be kind. Stay safe

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