Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log:Day 115

This morning when I woke up, I had a gift in my inbox : a friend from Peru sent me his playlist curated for the day he misses home (he often lives abroad). It felt like I was teleported back to an amazing country with wonderful memories and experiences.

I celebrated my “remember Peru day” by baking a llama cake!

My photo memories also showed me the before and after of one of the buildings we renovated, and it was amazing to see how much can happen in a single year. It feels like yesterday and also like a lifetime ago.

Be kind. Stay safe

Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log : Day 114

Like riding a bike…

So there’s one thing that is synonymous with Amsterdam, and that is that everyone and their dog rides a bike. OK, perhaps it is one of a few iconic things, but you catch my drift.

In the last few weeks I’ve been getting busy with some work that I haven’t done in a while and I was quite apprehensive about getting started, because I felt a bit out of touch. But as the days go by I realise that it really is like riding a bike. At first I lack confidence and I’m unsure of where I’m going with this, and then time passes and I’m doing it like I never stopped. Just like riding a bike.

Be kind. Stay safe.

Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log:Day 113

There’s a shop near my house called the “Kookwinkel”. I noticed it on the day that I came to view the place and decided that I need to visit.

It’s the kind of place that I love visiting and looking at stuff, perhaps in the same way that kids go to the toy store.

Maybe one day I will have a kitchen that can house all the goodies I want and big enough to host all the dinners I want. Maybe then I’ll get a good shop in and get some of the amazing kitchen things I want.

But until then I’ll have to be creative about it.

I have had the idea of baking a flan the way Tannie Hannetjie makes it, but that would entail getting a flan tin. I have one in South Africa but for some reason I left it at my parents’ house. I can also buy it on Amazon, but that’s a last resort because really I want to visit the Kookwinkel.

So today in my lunch break I thought I’d stroll over and have a look just in case they have the flan tin. And perhaps see what other things they have to look at. So I take a quick stroll in the 30 minutes between meetings.

Only, as I step out of the door, it starts to drizzle.

I congratulate myself on my choice of jacket – a trusty favourite in one of my favourite colours, light weight and slightly drizzle proof, really more of a summer jacket than more.

Halfway to the store the drizzle turns up a notch but I think, soon enough I’ll be inside the store where its warm and dry and really a kitchen gadget wonderland.

As I draw near, however, a trickle of worry starts to form in that part of the mind that starts with “om-” and ends in “-inous.” the windows are dark, the door is shut… Alas! The shop is closed!

There’s a sign on the door that says due to the corona measures they have adjusted shop hours and are open every day between Tuesday and Saturday. So no shopping on a Monday then. Boohoo.

To add insult to injury, the rain has progressed to a full blown shower, with water bucketing down enthusiastically while I’m stranded in front of the closed shop.

There’s nothing for it. I had to head back. But not before I stop at the corner shop for a coffee.

Be kind. Stay safe.

Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 109

Today I went to a site visit for the first time since February. I was so excited I nearly couldn’t sleep, like on the first day of school, a mix between nerves and excitement.

I even had flashbacks to my months in Lima, Peru, because I was once again waiting outside my house for an uber!

The site visit is somewhat different in these times of Corona. Along with the sign in sheet we also need to fill in a declaration of good health and sign it. And this is after a rigorous process of site risk assessments from the company I work with to ensure that we have a safe working environment.

On the site we kept a 2m distance as far as possible, and for extra safety, we used our mouth masks along with the usual protective gear of gloves, goggles, high visibility vest and hard hat.

When I complained about the mask and reading glasses in the train, I had no idea what a terrible combination it is to wear a mask with safety goggles. I think I’m going to have to find an old school nose clip like the swimmers used to have, or I have to face up to the fact my goggles will fog up at the merest movement, rendering me incapable of moving anywhere safely.

Goggles aside, it was really great to be able to work on site and I am thankful for the opportunity to do something I love,and to continue working even in these strange times.

Be kind. Stay safe.

Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 108

I’m not the first person to say this, and it’s likely not even the first time I say this, but here goes :

This whole lockdown life is a lot more bearable because we live in the age of digital connectivity.

In the last 48 hours I’ve interacted with friends in China, India, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, England, the USA and Peru. In some cases it was just a text message and in others it was a call or even a video call. I was able to see how my friends and acquaintances are, how they react to our conversations, and talk about shared interests and experiences.

I am not only thankful for the technology that makes this all possible, but also for each and every one who forms part of my life.

Be kind. Stay safe

Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 107

The bike saga: part 3.

I finally took my mountain bike in for the service last week and collected it today.

When the guy was scrutinising it last time he told me that he would probably have to change the chain and the gear set and a few other things and I was worried it would end up as expensive as a new bike.

So I was pleasantly surprised when it was a little less eye wateringly expensive and they didn’t have to replace too many things. They did however replace the grips with ones I bought a few years ago and straightened out a few things. They sorted out the tyres, and checked everything. Before leaving the shop I got new batteries for the lights, added the mandatory bell and now I’m good to go.

My plans for an afternoon cycle was washed away by ‘n rain shower of a bucketing intensity, but there will be more days.

It might be just as well, because it turns out navigating a mountain bike up 3 flights of Amsterdam stairs is a bit of a challenge. One of the neighbours suggested a paid bike storage around the corner, so I might go and investigate the options there.

Be kind. Stay safe