Mexcican adventure – Birthdays and other festivities

In the last few years I have inadvertently had a few very special birthday adventures in far flung and exotic places and this year was no different. To celebrate my special day, our guide treated me to a cake of my choosing (chocolate tres leches) and I enjoyed it with a cup of incredible Oaxaca hot chocolate. Definitely a feast fit for a birthday!

After settling in at Oaxaca we made our way to the Tlacolula market for all the sights and sounds of a traditional market and a traditional barbacoa tasting. It was wonderous to see the local ladies still wearing tradtional dress going about their every day market chores. In this part of the world it looks like time stood still and every day life carries on the way it did for the last few hundred years, with the possible exception of a few tourists of course. The adjacent church has a chapel that has an interesting display of the saints – portraying them in the way they died!

Following the market tour, we visited the ancient ruins at Mitla and marveled at the incredible stonemasonry. This was not built yesterday and yet it remains intact, through years and earthquakes. The adjacent village is still operating today and our guide told us that there bits of ruins that are in people’s back yards because they just always lived there.

On the way back to Oaxaca city, we stop at an Agave factory to learn about the process of making the liquor and then of course taste a bit ourselves. It is definitely part of the quintessential Mexican experience!

Oaxaca itself has a vibrant market with a smoke corridor that sells the meat on offer, all sorts of snacks to be had and so many incredible colours to behold.

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