Mexican adventure – Puebla

Puebla is known for its beautiful tile work, but in my mind it sticks out as the city with the colours. It is filled with beautiful crafts and I was struck by the detail that goes into everything, from the pretty doorways, the detailed embroidery, the painted tiles and even the dessert!

Every building, right down to the bollard are decorated in pretty colours and beautiful tiles and i could not help being inspired by the colours and the spirit that would lead to this kind of beauty.

A rare treat was the chapel covered in gold leaf, an impressive site as always

No Mexican adventure could be complete without a visit to the arena for a bit of Lucho Libre. It is definitely a spectacle, and if you look past the acts and play fighting, it is definitely a show of great acrobatics and athleticism. Not to mention a showmanship. Another aspect that was incredible to watch is the engagment of the crowd, they are invested in the triumphs of their heroes and heroines, they have obvious favourites and the characters definitely have a narrative and an inside joke running with the crowd! Definitely a fun and colourful experience.

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