Mexican adventure – cooking and mole in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is known as a foodie destination in Mexico and also the home of Mole, a dipping sauce that is often made with chocolate (or bugs). We had the opportunity to attend a cooking class to learn how it is done and i was super happy for the opportunity.

After starting the roasting of some tomatoes, we we walked down to through the city to the local market to get the ingredients. Here the instructor also showed us the different ingredients and how its prepared in the market. I enjoyed the Trump piñata in the gift shop.

Back in the cooking school we set about cutting, grinding and cooking, while snacking on some beautiful and delicious local fruits. Its incredible to taste the local flavours. We even make two kinds of our our own tortillas, plain and with some squash blossoms in them.

After the lesson I had the opportunity to stroll around the town, to take in the sights, get myself a funky hat, and try another of the famous Oaxaca chocolate milkshakes. Man, they are good!

As this is our last night in this magical city, we head out for a upper scale restaurant on a rooftop terrace to take in the balmy nights, some incredible taquitos and a couple of cocktails!

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