A place of my own

I finally moved into my own place, a massive apartment in the seaside suburb of Miraflores in Lima.

On my first night I went for a walkabout, to get a feel for the area, and get some supplies.

At first I walked down to the beach. The idea was to watch the sunset, but to be honest I started a conversation with a perro (dog) and sort of missed it.

A lot of people have dogs and take it to the park down the street from me to get a bit of outside air, and there is even an enclosure where the bigger dogs can run free.

I did however see a beautiful sky to frame the lighthouse, and I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

After that I ventured on towards a grocery shop I know about. However on my way I hear a scuffle ahead and look up. Two guys are in a hold, one apparently jumped out of his car to fight the other, most likely about the girl. I waited at a safe distance to see what was happening, but luckily the police came and broke up the fight soon enough.

I stumbled across an artisanal bakery and found some lovely rolls and then finally strolled over to the grocery shop for the basics. Finally I got to have a simple dinner of bread and butter on my first night in Miraflores

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