This city has something of everything, every other day I get surprised by something new.

The buildings are bold and full of colour. Sometimes they are even accessorized with a VW bus!

Even the Starbucks around the corner has a bright character and looks out on a park where people take their dogs for a walk and a treat. The coffee in the picture was made at home, because I did not know about the Starbucks before stumbling across it!

Speaking of treats, I found that in the morning there is a friendly lady with a wagon that sells fresh bread rolls. On Sunday she even had some croissants!

Over the weekend I visited one of the local markets, Mercado de Surquillo. It’s a piece of culture on its own, as it has a selection of different types of food and things, from spices, seeds, nuts, Quinoa, chicken, fish, meats, vegetables, purple corn, cakes, juice etc.

One of the strangest things I’ve come across was a party for dogs who are dressed up in fancy clothes. It seems like owners of little dogs get the pups all dressed up and then hang out in the park. Like a Perro Comicon!

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