Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 125

The original plan was to go camping this weekend, but we weren’t really paying attention to the dates, so when we were trying to sort out a camp site, we realised that it was the school holidays and the Dutch isn’t leaving the country much this year, so it’s all booked up!

However, we decided to make the most of it, and my friends came to Amsterdam for some fun activities.

After a lovely Friday night of pizza and boardgames, we decided to go Stand up Paddle boarding near the Amsterdamse Bos.

I wish I had a waterproof camera with me to picture the fun, but the memories will remain.

We made our way through some canals, under a few bridges, one so low you have to lie flat to pass under it, and to a spot of water where a lot of people were enjoying the summer weather. There were boats. There were kids in inflatables being towed by boats. There were hydrofoils that look like a cross between a jet ski and surfboard and should be driven by a James Bond type character. And there was a big bouy with a funny bit of graffiti :

Buoy will be buoys

I guess things work out the way they should, so the outing was just perfect for the Saturday.

Be kind. Stay safe

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