Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 44

The problem with public holidays on a Monday is that the following Tuesday becomes a bit confusing. Some Monday things have to happen on another day while Tuesday things keep happening. On top of that the 5 days of work needs to be done in 4. Add to that the fact that days just run into each other like water into the sea and well… I no longer know if it is this day or that day or the other day it what day!

The weather in Amsterdam returned to the grey skies and general drizzle which I have come to accept as normal and I am glad I managed to take in thy beautiful days over the weekend.

In response to the cooler weather I experimented with another dish,this time a chicken and mushroom pot pie for one. I call it “quarandine.”

After a lot of deliberation, I got a new guitar today. A steel string “western guitar”. It is beautiful and sounds really good, but surprisingly it doesn’t magically play itself, so I got to spend a lot of time this evening getting accustomed to the feel of the new instrument and learning to play the new steel strings. Spoiler alert…its hard. But gratifying, as with most things that is worth the effort.

Be kind. Stay safe

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