Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 43

King’s day 2020 in NL. Freedom day in SA.

Legend has it that King’s day is one of the biggest parties around the country. I have seen pictures and videos of a sea of orange and a lot of beer.

It struck me as odd today that I wouldn’t know what “normal” in Amsterdam looks like. This is a year of firsts for me; first spring, summer, King’s day etc. And also a first worldwide pandemic. What a time!

I guess that even when this all passes things will not exactly go back to the way they were. I guess we will be wary of the disease for many weeks or months to come. And when it passes and hopefully there’s a vaccine. But economies are already crippled. People lose their income and their savings lose value. A lot of things that used to be second nature has to be reconsidered from an affordability point of view. Maybe even from a disease risk and hopefully environmental too.

One thing I do believe, is that the sun will rise tomorrow, and every day after that, even kb the days we can’t see a thing. And one day will be the day when we slowly start seeing the new normal set in. Let’s hope and pray that day is sooner than we expect.

Be kind. Stay safe

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