Life in the time of Corona – Captains Log: Day 177

House hunting in the Netherlands is a very competitive sport! When a house is advertised you have to phone the same day, and to view it they arrange only a day or two for tut agents to show it to people. So you have to go on the appointed day, in your allocated time slot, or not at all.

This is of course always in work hours and generally inconvenient. It would be nice if this meant you have a likelihood of getting a house, but on average there are more than 5 people interested in every one, so it’s a matter of beating the odds.

Today’s viewing was thankfully at the end of the day, so I could minimise the interruption to my work hours, but it did mean I had to move the travel part of the journey to the morning before work.

I really did like the place, and if all goes well and I managed to beat the odds, maybe I’ll put up Christmas lights in a new place this year.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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