Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 128

Traveling with a cake.

I baked a birthday cake at home , because I know where things are in my kitchen. I know how long the oven needs to warm up etc.

Then the challenge: getting to the destination. Using public transport. With my hands full of other stuff. Wearing a mask.

Clearly I didn’t think this through, because if I had, I would have gotten one of those cake carrier things that was designed for this purpose. But alas! I plated the cake on a paper party plate and then fashioned a protective cocoon out of an air filled plastic bag. I guess the icing won’t be entirely pristine but luckily it’s not that kind of cake.

It made me think of a few times I’ve had to transport a cake in the past. There’s been a few cakes on plates in a Lima Uber, including a chocolate fudge (incredible cake) and a Melktert.

But most famous was the time when my mother ordered a cheesecake supreme from my aunt’s bakery for her birthday, and I had to deliver it, in another province, by plane! I can tell you, I got a few funny comments walking through an airport with a giant cheesecake in my hands.

I will probably do it again, but perhaps with a better carrier…

Be kind. Stay safe.

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