Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 647

Today we really put the Africa in the South African holiday.

In the morning we stopped at Karoo Cafe for a stroll through the garden center and I wanted to show Marinus the beautiful furniture too.

I have forgotten how different our life in NL is. Even the parking area with the thorn trees are something special.

Afterwards we made our way to a little gem called Wagon Drift. Marinus donned his brand new bush shirt and (short) shorts and we headed off on our mini safari.

It did not disappoint. On the game drives we got to see a lot of animals up close and the guide is super knowledgeable and passionate about the whole farm. He noticed Marinus had his camera and made an effort to get into the right position to take excellent pictures.

It was the season for baby animals and we were lucky to see a new born blue wildebeest on the morning drive that must have been born mere hours ago.

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