Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 349

I believe its been a year since the first case of Corona was diagnosed in the Netherlands. I remember back then people were still attending Carnival in the South and others returned from ski trips etc. What a different time that has been!

Over here we continued with the near impossible task of DIY during lockdown. At least we can click and collect things at a hardware store, but how do you order something online, (in Dutch) when you really need to go in and tell the guy in the hardware store that you need a thingy to do so-and-so and fit in with the what-che-callit.

Thankfully I have Marinus who is a very handy guy who knows even handier guys, and between them (with some assistance and many sandwiches from me) they put down my beautiful new laminate floor and hung my stunning dining room lamp!

Be kind. Stay safe

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