Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 281

I tried to get the last bit of groceries before the holidays yesterday. Evidently the whole world thought the same because the supermarket was super busy. For the first time I felt uncomfortably close to people because of the corona days.

Evidently there are other dangers afoot as well, as I got pick pocketed between entering the supermarket and getting to the till. I scanned my loyalty (and card at the entrance, and when I wanted to pay my whole wallet was gone. I checked my entire trolley and did 3 rounds of the shop, but alas, no sign of my red wallet anywhere. Thank goodness for technology, so I could pay with the bank app on my phone and hope for the best.

I left my number at the info desk and I even returned later, just before closing time to walk the shop once more, but sadly no wallet.

However, the thief must have been an honest one, because this morning I received a call from the police station. Someone had dropped my wallet in their postbox overnight. The cash was gone, up to the last coin, and even the emergency bek jassies that I keep in there, but all my cards and documents were still intact.

I think I might just stop carrying a wallet all together.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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