Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 272

14 December 2020, another hard lockdown has been announced, until 19 January 2021!

Shops will be closed except for non essentials, and a lot of public spaces will be closed.

I managed to get a few of the home things I needed to get by, but I think I’ll have to make do without the blackout curtains for another few months.

Luckily this time it’s different because I have a wonderful person in my life, and even luckier that he lives just a 10 min bike ride away,no more relying on public transport!

I feel so bad for the businesses that will suffer during this time. After being closed most of the summer, I guess they were hoping to make up for the losses during the Christmas holiday period.

We can only hope that it will make a positive difference in the health and safety of people and that one day soon this will all be a memory.

Be kind. Stay safe

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