Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 270

Moving day!

Finally the day has come where all my things are packed up in boxes and ready to move to my new home. It was more than a little stressful to think about where will the movers park, how will they get my things down the crazy Amsterdam stairs and safely into my new place. Plus the added matter of what to do if the van arrives before I do. This is a real possibility, because due to Corona I can’t travel with them, and public transport, though efficient, will still take longer…

Luckily Marinus stepped in to help, by calming me down, getting us (movers included) coffee and then setting off a bit earlier to meet them on arrival.

When I arrived, the van was already parked outside and my potplants in the windowsill!

Now everything is inside and the big unpacking will start!

Be kind. Stay safe.

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