Life in the time of Corona – Captains log: Day 235

I guess its fair to say that if I wake up early on a Saturday morning and jump out of bed to start working on my hobby, I definitely like it.

That was the case today, when I woke up really early for any day, no least a Saturday, and started working on a sewing project that I have been working on for years in my head.

Before leaving Peru, I visited the Gamarra textile market with a local friend, and I bought a bit of fabric. Nothing fancy, just warm and cosy sweater material. I bought enough to leave my options open for whatever I wanted to do in future, but in one of the shops was a long sweater jacket, and that really caught my eye.

I have been thinking and thinking about this project over time, and my ideas, and plans for patterns changed more than a few times. And then I realised: I have it! I am going to make a sweater dress. A what you ask?

Well, its a sweater, but long enough to be considered a dress. Its the perfect garment for cool days where I spend all day inside anyway, but it is decent enough to wear outside as well!

All my sewing courses over the years (since my teenager days, and as a young adult, and even more recently as an adult adult) has taught me the value of proper planning and also patience and precision when it comes to finishing a garment, and I must say I am really proud with how it came out! The pocket and the hems came out really neat and the whole garment is just like I wanted it to be.

It is such a satisfying thing, to see something take shape, exactly as I planned.

Since my day started so early, I had a lot more day left at the end of my story! I decided to take my mountainbike (remember the bike shop saga?) to Den Haag, so Marinus and I can explore on wheels. This meant sitting in a different part of the train, which may not be as comfy as the rest, but it has unexpected benefits: i.e. DOGS!

Along the way a guy came in with a dog on a leash, a lovely young Staffy with a shiney coat. She seemed a bit uneasy about the train movement, but never disruptive and most of the time she sat by her human, or stood near him. At some point she came over to say hi to me, and I got to pet her (BONUS!) and then I noticed her human reach over to his backpack, and GASP!!! he had another dog in there! A long haired Chihuahua who was sitting there as calm as a mountain brook, looking at the world. I had a brief chat with the human, as uncomfortable as one can have a chat in a strange language with a mask on, and I asked him if I could take a pic. They didn’t come out the best, but it was a great moment anyway.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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