Life in the time of Corona: Captain’s log: Day 228

I went to the grocery shop to get something specific, but because I’m not sure the small Albert Hein near me has what I need, I walked to the bigger one, just a little further.

The problem with that one, however, is it has located next to a Lidl that always distracts me. Since my last visit the Lidl had been renovated, and I found myself getting a lot of stuff I didn’t plan. Walking out with a couple of heavy shopping bags, I realised that I still didn’t get one of the things I was looking for, so I had to go to the Albert Hein anyway!

The problem is, with two super heavy shopping bags, I now had to walk back the longer distance,which isn’t a comfortable walk.

I need to work on not getting more groceries than I can comfortably carry…

Be kind. Stay safe.

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