Life in the time of Corona: Captain’s log: Day 227

Amersfoort is located in a very nature rich area. On Saturday morning, after a hearty breakfast, we followed a walking train through the forest next to our hotel.

Not only is this a great social distancing activity, but the weather was also quite nice, with beams of sunlight coming through the leaves at times.

We passed by a memorial with a tower and we heard the carillon play, probably by a student from the local “beiaardierschool”. It was lovely and definitely a new experience, walking through a forest with clock music in the background.

Afterwards we headed to Die Spens, another South African shop, and I could stock up on biltong and Ina Paarman spices to name a few.

We continued our trip back to the city center and had a takeaway coffee on the main square next to the tower. According to the tourist booklet there was a church in years gone by, but it was not attached to the tower. When the church tragically burnt down, the tower survived. The tower is also home to two carillons and we could hear the playing while spending time in the city.

It was an interesting visit to an interesting place, and definitely in a strange time with everything shut down.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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