Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 213

If we stay on the topic of Dutch food for a moment, we have to talk about stamppot. Its basically mash with attitude.

Arriving in a strange country, especially on your own, means that you’re more likely to get to know the convenience foods in the supermarket, and perhaps in time you will figure out how to make your own staples with local ingredients. Out and about, in times behore Corona at least, you might find menu’s and even signs in the supermarket saying “typical Dutch” and you might encounter a kaasbroodje (similar to a king pie cheese and ham pie, but only with the cheese) or bitterballen : the hottest thing after the tomato inside a wimpy toasted cheese and tomato. You might even try a bowl of erwtensoep, a favorite pea soup with pieces is sausage, perfect for warming up on a cold wet day.

However, it is likely that unless you are invited to a family meal, you might completely miss out on stamppot. It isn’t fancy, and it doesn’t look interesting, but it is honest to goodness hearty food that keeps you warm and full.

It consists of mashed potatoes and veggies, as far as I can tell, and then it is served with a bit of meat and a topping of sorts.

Example: in the week we had mashed potatoes with andives, topped with crispy bacon bits and a giant meatball on the side.

Today we were invited to dinner with a friend who made a stamppot of sweet potato and butternut, topped with fried onion and with roast chicken on the side.

I am still trying to figure out if the combinations are fixed or whether it is acceptable to mix and match. I’m still discovering. Perhaps you can tell me in the comments?

Be kind. Stay safe.

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