Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 205

I had a haircut this week. It wasn’t my first Corona haircut, but by the sounds of things, I’m not sure if the salons are going to stay open, so I donned a mask and got my hair sorted out, just in case.

The effect of this haircut was immediate and impressive. Today I had a few video calls and a few colleagues remarked on my hair. Even my neighbours complimented me when we did the odd 1,5m dance at the front door.

Suddenly I want to make a bit more effort than tossing my hair in a bun and wearing a cleanish sweater for the work day.

Suddenly I realised that sometimes it is still necessary to get up, dress up and show up : even if it’s only for a virtual meeting.

Aside: if you do have a glass of wine with dinner, it is recommended to leave the half empty glass in the kitchen or at least out of the camera shot. In general, it might be good to check your surroundings for surprising background clutter like laundry or weird stuff #justsaying

Be kind. Stay safe

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