Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 200

Today’s festivities started out with home made Dutch pancakes, lovingly prepared by Marinus. I wanted to add a pic but it seems they were eaten before they could be pictured.

It was a double win, actually, because in South African terms rainy weather means pancakes and although its slightly different, its still a treat!

What’s the difference you ask?

Well, South African pancakes are somewhat flatter than these models. Rolled and eaten with cinnamon sugar traditionally, perhaps with some lemon.

Marinus’s pancakes were fluffier and thicker, although still rollable, in a way. What really sets them apart though, is the fact that he managed to add a couple of slices of bacon to it, which gives it an absolute amazing touch. It is then drizzled with pouring syrup and rolled. Yummy!

I think this may have solved the mystery why the bacon is sliced so thin here.

The afternoon held another adventure. I went with some friends to a performance of medieval music and story telling. Well, the performers were dressed in a modern way and cleaner than in medieval times, as far as I could judge from my socially distant seat. Nevertheless, while the musicians and storyteller shared the story of Reynard the Fox, I was momentarily imagining myself back in time, listening to the stories in the old dialect and listening to the music.

Add to it a stroll through a crisp autumn Amsterdam, and I am reminded that there is a lot in this world to wonder at, even in this time of Corona.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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