Life in the time of corona – Captains log: Day 180

Saturdays are days for doing things that are a bit different like surfing, for example.

So for starters, let’s call it attempted surfing. In a perfect world, it is the ideal activity for social distancing. It meant however that I needed to lug my surfboard on the train, tram and bus all the way to the beach.

So why do I call it attempted surfing? Well, I managed to ride a few waves but didn’t actually stand up on a single one. On the one hand the waves were a bit rough and really quick after each other, so it takes a considerable amount of effort to catch one. On the other hand, it has been more than a year since I surfed using my own board and I’ve forgotten that it takes a whole new level of balance to use and honestly I’m unfit. Well, it can only get better from here…

Be kind. Stay safe

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