Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 170

The Wednesday evening training session isn’t in the gym, but outdoors in a lovely park near my house.

I biked there, because I can, and as I was a bit early I did a few loop-di-loops around the park pathways. As it drew closer to the appointed time, I parked my bike near the usual spot and as I was tying up the chain I witnessed something that made me chuckle.

A guy, of the silver haired grandfather like variety was walking his 3 dogs, 2 of the German shepherd variety and one labrador.

Near the spot where we trained the labrador decided that listening was for others and started bounding off in a wide circle around the guy, who was trying to put a leash on the dog. Labrador was making a game of it, coming closer and sitting still until the dude came close enough, then the dog would bound off again in waves of intense energy. The dog owner uttered a well known Dutch expletive with such conviction thar he it could materialise birthday cake, if birthday cake was wrinkly and full of frowns.

I stifled my giggle to hide it from the others and enjoyed my workout.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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