Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 167

Some days we make plans. And when it rains we make new plans.

The original plan was to visit a hillside in the mountains, and there was also a talk of the longest tramline in Switzerland (possibly in more places) and visiting a monastery, but then it rained.

Instead we went to get a coffee at a local church that also functions as a cafe and community hall, all in one. I tried the Linsen Torte, the oldest known cake recipe.

We visited a nearby village and had a look at the beautiful old church with its famous organ and pretty interior. A short walk through the village took us to the outskirts, where I noticed a castle on the hilltop, and the picture completed with Swiss cows in the front, with bells on and everything!

Afterwards we set out to visit the Goetheaneum, an interesting building in Dornach, the epicenter of the Movement. They were preparing for an afternoon concert, and I have to say the weather was perfect for it. However we had more plans.

After grabbing a quick snack (basically a bretzel filled with butter, we headed up the mountain in a bus along the twisty road to meet our hosts for the rest of the day, the parents of my friend.

The plan was to meet them for a coffee at a lovely restaurant, and enjoy the view of the surrounding hillside (Since I am from a flat country after all) but as it turns out the view looked the same as the day I visited the Christ statue in Brazil. i.e. White fog.

We made up for the lack of view from the mountains by driving down a twisty road through some scenic fields. I even got to see some more cows!

The rest of the day was spent having a social evening. We had a special evening with Simone’s parents enjoying raclette. Basically it is a festival of melted cheese and all sorts of add ons, like potatoes, gherkins and bacon.

Later on we took a tram back to the city followed by a short walk to walk of the cheese and sleep like a rock.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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