Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log:Day 166

It’s not every day I get to visit 3 countries in one day, and by foot no less. However, this was such a day.

The weather was a bit rainy but we braved it, strengthened with a cup of good coffee, an umbrella and an adventurous spirit.

On the bank of the Rhine there is a lovely pathway that leads all the way to the neighbouring village in France. From there we crossed the three countries bridge into Germany!

Afterwards we took the tram back to Basel for a hearty lunch of pasta. Perhaps it is because they are bordering on Italy, or perhaps they just love Italian food, but there seems to be many Italian restaurants. I didn’t try all of them, of course, but the food at the one we visited was great.

Filled up and warmed up, we did some souvenir shopping (OK, chocolate shopping) before walking around the old town to see old university buildings squashed in between old houses with dates from 13 something and older.

Be kind. Stay safe

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