Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 162

The day finally arrived – today I start with my lingerie making course.

I love getting my creative side going and even more so when I can learn something new and work with pretty things on top of that.

When I signed up for the course I received a list of supplies to get, and the name of a shop to get it at. It has really strange hours and it’s only open on certain days, so going there was a bit of an orchestration, but it was so worth it.

Stepping inside the shop felt like a kid walking into a candy store. Fabric, lace, elastic in all the colours and patterns I can possibly imagine. I was simply amazed by all the options and there was an entire section of shop I didn’t even go into!

The course itself is all about constructing and fitting your own custom lingerie and although it is likely that the first effort might not be the best yet, for me it is all about learning the skills and techniques to later apply and perfect.

I am already planning my next project or 2, maybe 3…

Be kind. Stay safe.

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