Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 161

Every so often I challenge myself to try and get through the week without buying groceries, except perhaps fresh fruit and milk. This gives me a change to use up those ingredients that I’ve been meaning to use but never get around to, or to finish off the last bits of this or that.

Did you ever notice that restriction breeds creativity? Especially in food. Whenever someone tries a new diet, whether it is low carb, low GI, Vegan or whatever they suddenly want to try all kinds of recipes.

So I made something that worked out so well, I nearly polished it off in one sitting (it was enough for 2!)

In Peru I learnt that they pre-flavour the rice. In a saucepan they fry finely chopped onion and garlic in enough oil before adding the rice until its coated with flavour infused oil. Then you add the water and cooked until soft. It’s super tasty. I like to add some chicken or veggie stock power to the water, but that’s my own creation.

When it was all cooked, I added some canned peas and carrots and let it warm up, and I ate it with a bit of plain yogurt for the protein and the sauce. It was at same time hearty and fresh and probably the start of a whole lot of new dishes. Watch this space.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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