Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 149

It is finally here! My first holiday since moving to Europe!

Getting up early for my 5 am flight had me doubting the choice of that early flight, but by the time we were having breakfast in Faro, Portugal it turned out to be just fine!

After finding free parking for the day (I am so proud of that achievement) we walked down to the jetty to get a boat tour of the estuary, starting with a ecological tour of the salt marshes and doing some bird watching. The tour goes on to visit some of the islands around and we stopped at one for a local lunch

After an adrenaline filled ride back to the city, we continued to explore the Old Town before checking in to the hostel

Dinner was a funny affair. Arriving at the restaurant the conversation went like this :

Me: Can we sit here?

Dude: Yes.

Dude: what do you want?

Me :what do you have?

Dude:what do you want?

Me:A light dinner, do you have that?

Dude: No

Me: Can you recommend a place?

Dude: No.

Me: Well where do we go?

Dude: For food, Cataplana’s Place (the name of his place)

Me: Can we have a menu?

Dude: Yes.

Anyway, dinner was delicious but not light at all! We managed to take a walk afterwards about the city and now it’s time to rest and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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