Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 147

I have to make a difficult decision tonight: either I close the blackout curtains and sleep a bit later tomorrow morning, or leave it open so the fresh night air can come in, hopefully cool me down, and wake up a bit earlier. I guess I can always close them in the morning and have a second snooze.

Way back, when I had recently arrived in Lima, I posted a pic on Instagram and said its so hot the Cats are melting. Today felt melting cat hot.

I am lucky, because I have been forewarned. Last year during the heat wave in the Netherlands, my best friend told me that her house was designed to be warm, not cool, and I decided to bring along my fan from Peru, and another little one from South Africa. One of the newly discovered benefits of working from home is that you can point the fan exactly where you want it to go, which increases my comfort considerably.

It still amazes me that while I’m drinking liters it water to try and keep hydrated, my loved ones back home is cold.

I was even more surprised when I was on a call to a colleague in another European office, and he was sporting a hoodie!

Whatever the weather where you are…

Be kind. Stay safe

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