Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s Log: day 146

The road trip continues….

We planned ahead with this whole AirBnb shindig and packed our coffee percolator, milk frother and coffee to bring along. What an absolute treat to enjoy the fresh morning air with a coffee, especially after a warm summers night.

We also picked up some local baked goods for breakfast and it was nice to experience a bit of local flavour before taking on the day.

After packing up we took a last walk around Stavoren, and took pictures of the Lady, and had a last coffee at the only place that was open that time on a Sunday Morning.

Leaving Stavoren, I was enchanted by the sheep that graze on the dike. Also by the little beaches on the business end of the dike where people just hang out and enjoy the weather.

Next stop: Sloten. A little village that feels a bit like a museum, with buildings and cobbled streets in tact. Everything was picture worthy, from the stone bridge, the gabled buildings, to the windmill.

From there we started to gradually make our way back, with a couple of stops along the way.

We visited the Orchid farm, a lovely paradise of tropical plants (orchids and others) in a climate controlled environment. As we walked through the beautiful pathways we were enchanted with all shapes and colours of the incredible flowers.

The next exhibit lets you walk through a garden filled with Lori’s, a parrot like bird from Australia (there is a bird free path for those that prefer it) and a garden where butterflies roam free. The way to the exit is filled with lush hanging baskets that make you think of another world!

After enjoying the orchid farm, we visited and old friend of Marinus’s that live on that side of the world. I hope I am that sprightly when I am 80 years old!

What a lovely weekend away!

Be kind. Stay safe.

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