Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 145


After getting my Dutch drivers licence I’ve been itching to take a road trip and the opportunity finally arrived!

We planned this trip a few weeks back and it worked out perfectly. I booked a spot on Airbnb (the only one available in our area of interest) and a car through a car sharing app and we pinned a couple of locations on a map.

After collecting the car in the morning we headed off to Bloemendal for a quick stop at KuierKos. We filled up on some delicious home baked lamb pies for lunch, and a piece of cake before loading up on some supplies for the road (and after) from their South African selection.

The road took us due North through farmland and a bit of woodlands to get to the Afsluitdijk, the incredible construction that separated the Zuiderzee into the Waddenzee and IJsselmeer.

After arriving in Friesland I had my eyes peeled for the famous cows (of the black and white persuasion) but have yet to encounter one. I did see a herd of what looked like Jerseys however.

Our next stop was at Hindeloopen, to visit the museum and walk about the city. The museum told the story of tut old trading ships and the people who sailed them, as well as the families who awaited their return at home. I was particularly impressed by the beautiful textiles and the painted furniture, especially the fold up tables.

A walk through the charming town broke my image of the place as a piece of flat farmland, and replaced it with charm and wonder.

From there we made our way to Stavoren, where we will stay for the night. After meeting with our hosts, we got some lovely kibbeling and settled in to watch thd sunset from the deck of our accommodation for the night, a sail boat!

Be kind. Stay safe.

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