Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 144

The weather of the last few said have been described as a heatwave. I am not one to argue, but it did remind me that it’s all relative, since the temperatures of 30°C that we experienced is similar to the spring temperatures I experienced in South Africa last October.

As with all weather related things, however, it has become clear that the buildings around here is to keep the cold away and not so much the heat.

Luckily the Dutch have found a different solution to it – water. Where there’s a body of water, there’s a flock of people. Swimming, boating, sitting on the banks next to it or floating on giant flamingos. But they will be near water.

We borrowed the boat is some friends, packed some refreshments and went sailing around the canals in and around The Hague. There was some swimming too, but I was worried about being able to hoist myself back into the boat, and I didn’t fancy dragging behind the boat until we got back.

It was however a big treat and hopefully there will be a few more this summer.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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