Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 140

Summer in the city.

A friend of my boyfriend told me he is watching Trackers, a South African series, and I expressed a wish to see it too. This led to me gushing about how much I enjoyed the books from the author of the series, Deon Meyer.

Consequently my boyfriend says he would like to read the books, and preferably in Afrikaans, and this led to me posting on a Facebook group to try and find some Afrikaans copies here in the Netherlands. (I have all the books, but I left them in South Africa, because well, I have already read them.) Next moment this leads to the creation of a book club for Afrikaans books in the Netherlands!

So after a wonderful breakfast at a local spot, we put on our “bekjassies” aka mouth masks, and make our way to another part of the city where we can pick up a book from one of the book club members.

The weather was lovely, as the heat of the last few days was tempered by a cooler breeze. We decided to make the most of this and go for a walkabout afterwards.

I remembered a recommendation from a friend via Facebook, and we decided to brave the crowds and look for something in Kalverstraat, one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam.

Although it’s busier than a few weeks back, it was still possible to maintain the 1.5m distance, and I realised that it’s quite possibly the only time I can see things in the city that are both open and not jam packed.

We reached our destination, Van Wonderen, a stroopwafel emporium that has been featured in more than one good looking travel video on Facebook (think CultureTrip) and definitely cute enough for Instagram.

Thank goodness for weekends to enjoy the sweeter side of life.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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