Life in the time of Corona – Captains log: Day 136

I decided that all this lethargy during corona times and really the months preceding it needs to stop. Sadly, the days of getting up early to surf twice a week is long gone (since I left Peru) and even though there are some surfing in the Netherlands, for the current situation it is not a viable exercise plan.

So I responded to a Facebook Ad (can you believe it? believe it, because its true) and went to an info session for a Wellness centre in my neighbourhood. By wellness centre I intend it to mean a place that looks after your physical and nutritional wellness, not to be confused with the “wellness” concept of the Netherlands, that basically means a sauna (and nudity is mandatory, but thats a story for another day)/

I guess its a good thing they placed the ad, because I wouldnt visit the place if I was just walking by. From the outside it looks like the kind of place run by a guy named Thysie from the “Gym of all nations”.

The inside was a different story, all tastefully decorated in a rustic but clean style, like a Coricraft flagship store.

What really impressed me though, is their holistic approach to fitness and health, and also the fact that it wasn’t an intimidating atmosphere. I have seen a number of fitness centres that really makes me feel like the guys are all going to look like pro sports people and the girls like soccer moms in colour coordinated crop tops and brand name tekkies. This wasn’t like that at all.

Part of the trial week includes a number of scheduled group training sessions and today I did an outdoor bootcamp class with one of the resident trainers. It was the right amount of challenging but achievable exercise and I felt good moving again. I can definitely say there is room for improvement, but if that wasn’t the case I guess I wouldn’t need to go. Lets see how this goes.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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