Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log:Day 113

There’s a shop near my house called the “Kookwinkel”. I noticed it on the day that I came to view the place and decided that I need to visit.

It’s the kind of place that I love visiting and looking at stuff, perhaps in the same way that kids go to the toy store.

Maybe one day I will have a kitchen that can house all the goodies I want and big enough to host all the dinners I want. Maybe then I’ll get a good shop in and get some of the amazing kitchen things I want.

But until then I’ll have to be creative about it.

I have had the idea of baking a flan the way Tannie Hannetjie makes it, but that would entail getting a flan tin. I have one in South Africa but for some reason I left it at my parents’ house. I can also buy it on Amazon, but that’s a last resort because really I want to visit the Kookwinkel.

So today in my lunch break I thought I’d stroll over and have a look just in case they have the flan tin. And perhaps see what other things they have to look at. So I take a quick stroll in the 30 minutes between meetings.

Only, as I step out of the door, it starts to drizzle.

I congratulate myself on my choice of jacket – a trusty favourite in one of my favourite colours, light weight and slightly drizzle proof, really more of a summer jacket than more.

Halfway to the store the drizzle turns up a notch but I think, soon enough I’ll be inside the store where its warm and dry and really a kitchen gadget wonderland.

As I draw near, however, a trickle of worry starts to form in that part of the mind that starts with “om-” and ends in “-inous.” the windows are dark, the door is shut… Alas! The shop is closed!

There’s a sign on the door that says due to the corona measures they have adjusted shop hours and are open every day between Tuesday and Saturday. So no shopping on a Monday then. Boohoo.

To add insult to injury, the rain has progressed to a full blown shower, with water bucketing down enthusiastically while I’m stranded in front of the closed shop.

There’s nothing for it. I had to head back. But not before I stop at the corner shop for a coffee.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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