Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 107

The bike saga: part 3.

I finally took my mountain bike in for the service last week and collected it today.

When the guy was scrutinising it last time he told me that he would probably have to change the chain and the gear set and a few other things and I was worried it would end up as expensive as a new bike.

So I was pleasantly surprised when it was a little less eye wateringly expensive and they didn’t have to replace too many things. They did however replace the grips with ones I bought a few years ago and straightened out a few things. They sorted out the tyres, and checked everything. Before leaving the shop I got new batteries for the lights, added the mandatory bell and now I’m good to go.

My plans for an afternoon cycle was washed away by ‘n rain shower of a bucketing intensity, but there will be more days.

It might be just as well, because it turns out navigating a mountain bike up 3 flights of Amsterdam stairs is a bit of a challenge. One of the neighbours suggested a paid bike storage around the corner, so I might go and investigate the options there.

Be kind. Stay safe

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