Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 94

The day the plant fell out of the window.

Today was a day, like many other, spent working at my little corner office, or more precisely: the desk in the corner of my lounge where I built my home office.

Early morning I spent some time trying to rescue one of my balcony plants by meticulously cutting away leaves that look like it is infected. The good news is that it looks like there is already a lot of new growth, so maybe it will recover after all.

The bad news is that my plant adventures for the day didn’t quite end there.

Late afternoon in my weekly meeting, I was merrily carrying on, talking, listening, doing the usual meeting thing, when out of the corner of my eyes I spotted a movement.

As someone who lives alone and who comes from a place where intruders are a very real possibility, my senses picked up. In an instant I had scanned the room and noticed that something is missing. My head ran through scenario’s, the possibilities flickering through my head like the green numbers from The Matrix. Then it dawned on me: one of my plants had fallen out of the window.

Earlier in the day I opened the kitchen door for fresh air, something that I regularly do. And just before the meeting I felt very warm on the European summers day, so I opened the window in my living room. The two openings created a bit of a draft, and my plant, being lightweight in stature and in a lightweight wicker pot, got sucked out of the window and fell to the ground, 3 floors down.

I am guessing nobody got hurt, but a few minutes later my downstairs neighbour rang my bell to inform me that my plants are falling from the window.

I had moved the other plants from that windowsill to a spot where the windows don’t open, and after my meeting I went to go collect my plant and placed it next to its friend in the safe space. I was happy to see my plant survived it without a scratch too.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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