Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log day 85

One of the big mysteries in life, along with “where do the other socks go” , and “what happened to the tupperware lid” is : what creates IT issues??

After a too-short weekend with a too-short night’s sleep, I try to log on to my computer in my corner (home) office.

Having worked from home for 12 weeks now, I thought all the crinkles have been worked out. Only my laptop doesn’t recognise the two giant screens it needs to project the display to. This alone is really frustrating but I push through, only to find that my computer doesn’t want to connect to the VPN that grants it access to the company network.

At this point I should really contact the IT department but I need to be connected to the network to do that…

So I restarted everything: my computer, my modem and even my kettle, because it is the kind of situation that calls for another cup of coffee.

Although restarting is probably the most popular advice from any IT department, this seems to have made it worse, because all of a sudden it doesn’t even recognise the network!

After a bit of fiddling I finally contacted the IT guy through my telephone, and then before he could do anything it magically worked… The connection, not the screen. For that part I had to indeed send an email to the IT guys. At the end of the day, minutes before I wanted to log in, I finally got a call from one of them, and with a bit of fiddling about in an expert way doing expert things, at last it worked like it should!

Let’s hope that tomorrow it stays that way.

Be kind. Stay safe

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