Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 73

Strangers on the Internet.

One day, just less than 8 years ago I moved to a new city, starting a new life. I am my nature a social creature and a proud nerd, and as a result I added a lot of people on Twitter from the new city that I would call home.

I started with some interactions with people I knew and it grew from there. However there was one anomaly. I added a person whom I believed to be someone I know, but I just got them mixed up, so I started interacting with a complete stranger from the Internet.

We kept it lighthearted and impersonal and one day she posted a picture of the sunrise from her office window. I sort of recognised it and asked her where her office is, because mine view is so similar, we must work in close proximity to one another. We kept in touch like that for a while until we decided to meet for coffee, one day.

A few weeks later we met for an early morning coffee, and it was the jackpot. We had a so much in common that we became close friends after that and for many years to come.

Many mornings we met for a coffee at 7am. We would share our dreams, fears and joys. This little refuge was a highlight in those years. In times when I needed a friend, I knew I could reach out for a morning coffee and she will be there if she can.

Sometimes in life we have some unexpected happenings, and we can make the best friends, even with strangers on the internet.

Today, nearly 8 years later, I had an early morning catch up with my close friend. We talked about our joys and our fears, and I was reminded how precious it is to make human contact, even when it is virtual, and once again over the internet. Only, now we are no longer strangers.

Be kind. Stay safe

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