Life in the time of Corona – Captian’s log: Day 72

I find it hard to imagine a world going back to normal. Everyone talks about a “new normal”. I am sure I mentioned it in some form or another as well. I don’t even know what that would be like. For a little while at least we will be wearing masks in public, and keeping a reasonable distance. But for how long?

What will we keep of the good things that we learnt? Which bad habits will we just go back to like we never stopped? Which new bad habits have we learnt in this time?

I find myself naturally more wary of people in general. In times gone by I would be okay with crowds mostly, except on some occasions when I would dig in my heels and avoid going near.

Now on the other hand, when I see a group of people together somewhere I decide to reroute like the lady on google maps when I missed a turn, especially back in the day when I was driving. I am wary of people. If I am in the supermarket and someone is in the lane I want to go down, I change my grocery list to avoid passing too close to others.

I do not know what the world will look like in a few months time, but I hope we will be able to smile at each other again and see the light in each others eyes.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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