Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 69

It’s been 69 days and I still have to check every day what was yesterday’s count.

I even noticed I counted a bit odd a couple of days ago and had to go back and edit the posts!

Today I continued my mini break at the beach with another long morning beach walk. The sand dune that separates the land from the sea is a nature reserve and I was delighted to see it was home to some wild ponies.

One thing about nature in the Netherlands is that the wind is nearly always there, and I’m even starting to enjoy the walks in the wind, especially if I can protect my ears in my hoodie.

I think there is a bit of magic in the space where land and water meets the sky. That is why I’m drawn back there, again and again!

At the end of the day we could celebrate life and the lovely break with a bit of bubbles at the hotel restaurant. In this time when I haven’t eaten in a restaurant for months, it’s a rare treat to be allowed to dine at a table that is not my own, even if its a bit weird being served at a distance.

Be kind. Stay safe

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