Life in the time is Corona – Captain’s log: Day 67

So the thing about trains in the Netherlands, is, if you get on the wrong one it takes you twice as long to get there. I’m sure there’s a life metaphor in there, but that’s another story.

Today I donned my mask to get on a train to meet up with a friend, for a road trip. The journey included a metro and two regional trains, but due to the corona stuff, Google maps, the public transport app and thy sign boards were all giving different suggestions. The first part of the journey went well. I got on a metro that wasn’t on any app or board and still managed to get to my connecting station, a few minutes early, actually, and that’s where the trouble started.

Arriving on platform 2, as indicated by my travel advice app, there was a train showing its destination was the city I wanted to go to so I just got on. Oops. As soon as it pulled into the station I realised my mistake, because I took the train that stops in every town and suburb, in stead of the intercity which goes directly between cities. What is more, I took the one that took the long way round through the countryside. I am sure it would have been pretty scenic if I wasn’t irritated at myself for taking the wrong train. If I had waited 4 minutes for the next train, I would have been there 30 minutes earlier. I am sure there’s another metaphor in there…

What I did learn on the long train is that the wearing of masks causes additional strain to my neck while checking my phone. I guess I could say “while reading” but who am I trying to fool? The reason is twofold. Firstly the mask means you can’t just cast your eyes down but you have to tilt your head to see over the top of the mask, which isn’t such a comfortable posture. Secondly the mask tends to cause my glasses to fog up so I read my phone without them. It’s possible, but not advisable for longer periods due to the additional strain. Anyway, now I know.

By now you probably wonder about the road trip I mentioned, in passing. Well… Its a long weekend, its a beautiful day today and hopefully the good weather will continue, so a friend and I booked a trip to Zeeland to have a mini holiday on the Dutch coast. We found a location with good anti-Covid protocols in place and decided to practice social distancing in a different part of the country.

At last I can start exploring this new place that I have the privilege to live in.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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