Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log day 65

Some days I cook amazing meals, and other days it’s more like a failed experiment.

Today was neither of those. I did start out with a great plan but then realised that I will end up with enough food for a few days and frankly I don’t feel like eating it again and again. So I left out a couple of ingredients (beans and tomatoes) to unbulk it and that significantly changed the composition of the meal.

It wasn’t bad either. But it needed something to bring it together and I pulled out some old ideas from the random thought generator that is my head and voila! I had a gravy-ish mince dish with sweet potato wedges

The consistency reminded me that I have loved to add some brown onion soup powder and bits of potato, and then I’ll probably miss home and my mom’s cooking….

What new creations have you come up with in the kitchen?

Be kind. Stay safe.

One thought on “Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log day 65

  1. Hi Charlotte, Glad to read on a daily basis that you are well, healthy, eating good food and keeping occupied outside of work hours! Your post of mince and sweet potato wedges would be recognised in my birth city of Glasgow….mince and tatties, but not the posh sweet version, pure normal potatoes, normally mashed!! There is an Indian version of mince and peas called Keema Matar, to which one can all sorts of other veggies including potato, to make a wholesome meal…..and it always tastes better as leftovers the following day!! BJest Regards, stay cheerful!! Chris J


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