Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 57

I started week 9 with a day off. I realised last week I needed a bit of a break.

The plan for the day was to do something I haven’t done much in recent years and that I love very much: sewing.

In years gone by I have learnt sewing from my mom, from lessons as a teenager, and then again after my studies, I did a full course on pattern design.

On Saturday I braved the line of prospective shoppers to go to the material store and I picked up some gorgeous fabrics, so when today arrived I had no excuses but to get cracking.

To be honest, I did sleep in first, and man, it was good. But when I did get up I was ready to get the show on the road. From tracing and cutting the pattern, measuring and adjusting for the perfect fit, a few hours were gone! Just like that. In between I had to consult my mom a couple of times about puzzles that arose, and every time we found a great solution.

Mid afternoon I went out to get some groceries and get a bit of fresh air, and clear my head before carrying on with my pleasurable task.

Thanks to the long European evenings, I had so many hours of daylight and even when the sun finally went down, I managed to continue in the bright light of my dining room, until my eyes stayed burning from tiredness and my brain screamed at me that it is time to rest.

I am happy with my progress. Since minor tasks of finishing off is outstanding and I look forward to wearing it soon. What do you think?

Be kind. Stay safe

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