Life in the time of Corona – Captains Log: Day 53

Things I have learned in the last 53 days:
I have learned that I really like working from home. While I miss interaction with some of my colleagues and the social aspects of things, I enjoy the freedom to work uninterrupted for certain hours, or to have a mini break that involves something I like doing to take my mind off before diving into the next conference call. I like the time and rest that is afforded me due to the lack of commute.

I learned to play the guitar. I can’t say I am good at it,not yet anyway, but I have learned that I like learning. I like the mental challenge of finding the physical position of my fingers. I like learning the sounds, trying to rectify it until I can play a chord clearly. I like learning how to make the rhythm, ow to feel it and then try to fit it into that.

I learned to enjoy cooking and eating meals for one. I learned to plan my meals so I do not have to eat the same thing 3 days in a row, but to add a bit of variation that can transform it the next day. I learnt which new ingredients I like, and which I don’t.

I have learned to install boundaries to avoid getting overwhelmed. There are many times when it is easy to get sucked into a passionate discussion about something, and although I sometimes enjoy discussing things, there are other times when I am simply at my capacity or simply not in the mood, and that is OK.

I have learned to separate work hours from relaxing hours, because if your workstation is in your house it is tempting to just stay at the computer for a little while longer, to sort it out.

There are many things I still need to learn, or want to learn. I hope that I continue to learn now and even after the time of Corona has ended.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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